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Exclusive Privileges Offer

During the event2021.11.23 ~ 2022.03.31

LocationM-Dragon Palace

Exclusive Privileges Offer

M-Dragon Palace sincerely presents refined Chinese delicacies at an exclusive price.

1.5k West-Australian Lobster:

Original Price: MOP1388                         Promotional Price: MOP688

Braised  Abalone (6 Heads) with  Pomelo Peel and Morel:

Original Price: MOP188                            Promotional Price: MOP88

Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall:

Original Price: MOP138                            Promotional Price: MOP68

Signature Abalone Chinese Soup:

Original Price: MOP128                            Promotional Price: MOP68

Reserve now and enjoy our signature dish at a great price!


M-Dragon Palace

3rd Floor, Million Dragon Hotel

Tel: (853) 8291 2512